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Blue Ridge Audubon November Virtual Program
Tuesday November 17, 7 p.m. at our Facebook page
Conserving the Peruvian Rainforest:
Birds, and Indigenous Cultures

In Northeastern Peru, an indigenous people called the Maijuna are defying odds in striving to preserve their culture and their land. Their success is fragile, but their unfolding conservation story has provided hope that a combination of community action, government policy, and outside support from engaged NGOs can have a large positive impact at multiple levels. In the early 2000’s, illegal logging and poaching on their ancestral lands had driven the Maijuna to the brink of starvation and cultural collapse. By 2015, they had successfully kicked the loggers off their land and worked to officially protect nearly one million acres of primary rainforest in a conservation area. The Maijuna communities and the affected rainforest are rebounding together, and multiple species—including birds—are repopulating what was thought to be an irretrievable “ghost forest”. Please join us to hear this tale of an indigenous community on the forefront of successful sustainability and conservation programs in the most biodiverse region on our planet.

Seth Buddy is an ardent conservationist and for the past 16 years, a teacher at Asheville School. Growing up in Connecticut, he had an early affinity for the outdoors, the local Audubon center, and his birdfeeders. He started keeping a life list in the back of a Peterson’s Guide in the first grade after a birder came to speak at his school. Although birding was set aside for many years, in 2016, his son Miles and a friend simultaneously became obsessed with birds, and Seth was swept up by their passion. He’s very happy to have reconnected to his childhood love.

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