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NOTE: As current volunteers are aware, the Adopt-a-Plot programs has been on hold the last few years while our contractor is engaged in treating non-native plants. Consequently, we are not accepting new volunteers at this time. We hope to revive the Adopt-a-Plot program in the next couple of years. In the meantime, if you are interested in participating in occasional workdays at the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary, please contact Tom Tribble (email; 828-253-7994).

We are working to make the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary a better place for birds by eliminating the scourge of non-native invasive plants. To accomplish this goal, Doug Johnston, the Co-Coordinator of the Sanctuary, has started an Adopt-a-Plot program. An individual who wishes to participate selects a small plot to clear of invasive plants and then maintains that plot.


Click here to view a map of plots that need your help.

We wish to express our gratitude to the many volunteers who have already adopted a plot. You can view a list of plot assignments here.



Ready to dive in and adopt your own plot?

If you'd like to volunteer, we will provide training and help identify the non-native invasive plants. Participants are free to work on their plot whenever they would like. Help us keep the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary a haven for birds by volunteering to Adopt a Plot. For more information, contact Doug Johnston (email; 828-777-9925)  or Tom Tribble (email; 828-253-7994).

Without ongoing management of non-native invasive plants like the porcelain berry vines shown here, the Sanctuary would be completely overrun by these species.


Don't worry, though—when you adopt a plot, you won't be faced with controlling this kind of infestation!

Other ways to help:


You can also assist with this program by donating a native plant—either from your yard or from one of the nurseries participating in our Bird-Friendly Native Plants program. If you would prefer, you can donate funds directly to the program by visiting our Donate page.

Information about the benefits of eradicating non-native invasive plants and gardening with native, bird-friendly plants can be found on our Bird-friendly Gardening page.

Adopt-a-Plot Program

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