We are working to make the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary a better place for birds by eliminating the scourge of non-native invasive plants. To accomplish this goal, Doug Johnston, the Co-Coordinator of the Sanctuary, has started an Adopt-a-Plot program. An individual who wishes to participate selects a small plot to clear of invasive plants and then maintains that plot.


Click here to view a map of plots that need your help.

We wish to express our gratitude to the many volunteers who have already adopted a plot. You can view a list of plot assignments here.



Ready to dive in and adopt your own plot?

If you'd like to volunteer, we will provide training and help identify the non-native invasive plants. Participants are free to work on their plot whenever they would like. Help us keep the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary a haven for birds by volunteering to Adopt a Plot. For more information, contact Doug Johnston (email; 828-777-9925)  or Tom Tribble (email; 828-253-7994).

Without ongoing management of non-native invasive plants like the porcelain berry vines shown here, the Sanctuary would be completely overrun by these species.


Don't worry, though—when you adopt a plot, you won't be faced with controlling this kind of infestation!

Other ways to help:


You can also assist with this program by donating a native plant—either from your yard or from one of the nurseries participating in our Bird-Friendly Native Plants program. If you would prefer, you can donate funds directly to the program by visiting our Donate page.

Information about the benefits of eradicating non-native invasive plants and gardening with native, bird-friendly plants can be found on our Bird-friendly Gardening page.

Adopt-a-Plot Program