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Audubon Ambassadors

Birds and a Changing Climate

In 2014, the National Audubon Society released a climate science study showing that nearly half of the bird species in the U.S. and Canada (314 species) are severely threatened by climate change and that many are at risk of going extinct if we do not act.


The Audubon Birds and Climate report clearly shows that North America's birds are being impacted by climate change. Nearly 170 species that breed, nest, migrate through or winter in North Carolina are among those at risk.

Two of the at-risk species here in western North Carolina are Brown-headed Nuthatch and Scarlet Tanager, pictured below.

Brown-headed Nuthatch © Will Stuart
Scarlet Tanager © Will Stuart

You can make a difference for these and other species by becoming an Audubon Ambassador—and you don’t have to be an Audubon member to get involved.

What is an Audubon Ambassador?

Audubon Ambassadors are a committed, passionate group of individuals who love birds and want to do more to protect birds in a changing climate.

These folks volunteer their time to complete tasks that will help birds adapt to the effects of climate change. We’ll ask you to help in three primary ways:

  • Be the Messenger — Share your love of birds, whether through your online network or with friends and family you see every day, and inspire people to take action to protect birds.

  • Be the Solution — Encourage people to plant a bird-friendly yard and volunteer to improve habitat.

  • Be an Advocate — Become a resource for others by hosting presentations, talking to your elected officials, and encouraging your community to take actions to protect birds.


Contact Tom Tribble (email or phone: 828-253-7994) or Kim Brand with Audubon NC (email or phone: 336-391-9614) to learn how you can become an Audubon Ambassador!


To learn more about Audubon’s climate study, visit the Audubon NC website.

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