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Grant Opportunity:
Lights Out Asheville Outreach Coordinator

Blue Ridge Audubon invites your grant application to support our new Lights Out Initiative


February 18, 2022

Deadline for Submissions: Feb 25, 2022


On February 8, City of Asheville, North Carolina Mayor Esther Manheimer proclaimed March through May, and September through November as “Bird Migration Awareness Months” to promote the protection of birds during their peak migration periods. As part of a “Lights Out” program, the mayor is encouraging all businesses, residents, and building managers to turn off non-essential lighting from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. during spring and fall months to reduce bird mortality and save on energy costs. See the proclamation at

Blue Ridge Audubon Chapter seeks grant proposals to support the goals of the Lights Out initiative. For more information about Lights Out programs, see the Lights Out Asheville page on the Blue Ridge Audubon website:


Grant Application Submission

The deadline for submitting a grant application is February 25, 2022 at 5:00 PM. Submit a pdf file by email to Tom Tribble ( and John Koon (


Scope of Work


The work will be completed under the supervision of a project manager designated by Blue Ridge Audubon.

  1. Develop educational materials that explain the purpose of a Lights Out program.

  2. Identify and establish a working relationship with the person identified as the primary contact for the City of Asheville. Work with the City of Asheville staff to implement Light Out protocols for City-owned buildings.

  3. Establish a committee of local conservation and business organizations that support Blue Ridge Audubon’s Lights Out initiative. The project manager will provide a list of organizations that have pledged to support the project.

  4. Work with these organizations to identify volunteers to support the outreach efforts to encourage private building owners and business owners to implement Lights Out protocols. The initial focus of the project will be downtown Asheville.

  5. Use educational materials to educate the public and promote the Lights Out initiative through various social media managed by Blue Ridge Audubon, the UNC Asheville Audubon Chapter, the Coalition for a Bird-Friendly Asheville and other community partners.



The successful applicant shall submit three monthly reports documenting project activities to include, but not limited to: 

  1. a list of community partners that have committed volunteers to support the project;

  2. the status of implementation of protocols for City-owned buildings;

  3. a list of private building owners and business owners contacted;

  4. the number of private building owners and business owners that have either pledged or declined to implement Lights out protocols; and

  5. the status of promoting the Lights Out program by community partners.


Time Frame

Work shall be completed between March 1 and May 27, 2022. 



Applicants shall submit a budget for the project. Blue Ridge Audubon and the successful applicant shall agree on a billing schedule. 



The successful applicant must:

  • Demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the threat of light pollution to migrating birds and the purpose of a Lights Out program.

  • Be able to work physically in Buncombe County during the stated time frame.

  • Have an educational background in Environmental Studies, Avian Ecology or a comparable field of study.



For questions, contact by email, subject Lights Out Grant Solicitation, Tom Tribble ( and John Koon (

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