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World Migratory Bird Day Festival!

Join us for Balsam Mountain Trust's World Migratory Bird Day Festival
May 7th - 15th online and in-person

Balsam Mountain Trust (BMT) is excited to organize their annual World Migratory Bird Day Festival (WMBD) created by Environment for the Americas again this year! Since 2016 BMT has participated in WMBD to celebrate and raise awareness of migrating birds and the challenges they face. Join in at their virtual and live events all week from May 7th through 15th! The theme this year is ‘light pollution’ which you can learn more about at:

Final Schedule.png

Schedule (Updated 4/1/22) 

  • May 7th, 10am – 11am: Nest box building event at Poteet Park (RSVP Required) 

  • May 7th, 11am – 12pm: bird of prey program with Apollo (?) and EASO(s) 

  • May 8th, 7:30am – 9am: BMP birding hike with Blair 

  • May 9th, 6pm – 7pm: Lights Out Asheville livestream on zoom 

  • May 10th, 9am – 10am: Cherokee Storytelling on zoom 

  • May 11th, 11am – 12pm: Day in the life of a raptor trainer livestream on zoom 

  • May 12th, 11:30am – 12:30 pm: Meet a wildlife rehabilitator for Appalachian Wild 

  • May 13th, 10:30am – 12pm: Urban bird walk with Tom, at Waynesville greenway park 

  • May 15th, 10:30am – 12pm: Family bird walk with Susan and Randy at Waynesville greenway park 


Livestream Links 

Lights out Livestream on the 9th      

With Danielle Lenaway and Sarah Branagan 


RSVP for the Birdhouse Building event on the 7th 


RSVP for the bird walks on the 8th, 13th, and 15th

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